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Georgia’s Workforce Leadership Association is an organization whose voting membership is comprised of the chairpersons of the Local Workforce Boards.

Directors of local workforce areas may serve as non-voting members of the association.

The organization's bylaws were adopted in March 2003, and the association is in the process of establishing Internal Revenue Service 501c3 nonprofit status. The purpose of the Association is to bring together representatives from Georgia’s Local Workforce Boards to:

• Represent local area interests at the state and national levels

• Provide a forum for discussing workforce policy issues and a vehicle to express the system's opinions on key issues

• Promote the activities of Workforce Investment Boards in Georgia

• Provide a venue for sharing ideas among local areas

• Provide networking opportunities for workforce professionals and local leadership

• Develop and sponsor technical assistance and training activities for all local workforce system partners


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For additional information, please contact:
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